Howdy? How can I help you today?

When you step foot on any website, notice a gentle pop-up or a ‘ting’ sound followed by this very question? Well, that’s your Chatbots.

First things first. Did you know?

  • IBM says chatbots can answer around 80% of standard questions.
  • Gartner says the interest rate in chatbots has increased by 160%.
  • SalesForce says 58% of users say chatbots have changed their expectations of customer service.

The numbers speak for themselves. Chatbots are the new black, now. Here are the whats, how’s, and whys of chatbots.


Before breaking down what a chatbot is, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty part first.

A bot, or an internet robot, is an online software that automates any simple task that’s repetitive and takes up the time of a human. It performs any activities just the way instructed and displays a high level of intelligence. A chatbot is intended to converse with a user, online, and it best mimics a real-life, human interaction. Having a chatbot is the surefire way to ensure
you interact with every single website visitor, around the clock. According to the study by Salesforce, 64% of service agents who use chatbots are able to divert their time solving free to spend their time solving more difficult and complex problems.


Chatbots are moving towards becoming the lifeline of a business. The bot dons the cap of many roles, and trust us, you’ll need them. How can a chatbot drive your business to success?

  • Spike your Lead Generation

Embed a chatbot in your major landing pages and collect contact details easily. Strike up a conversation with the user, understand their purpose of visit, gather relevant details, and alert your teams about the opportunity. Don’t miss even a single lead on the way!

  • Extend 24*7 Customer Support

It may not be always possible to have a support agent, on their mark, especially if you’re a budding startup or an SMB. Even otherwise, a chatbot is the best way to provide instant support to all customers. Resolve queries, help them find things easily, provide clarity, and extend stellar support.

  • Gather Website Feedback

You have set up your website neat & nice. However, you see the bounce rates at an all-time high! When all analysis seems to hit a dead-end, the smart option is to turn to your website visitors. Embed a chatbot on your website and collect user feedback. Find out what they like/dislike and the user experience.

  • Get in touch, the new way

When most users navigate through a website to get in touch with the brand, a boring contact form filled with dreary text-fields greet them. Do things differently. Engage with users using an engaging chatbot that strikes the right chord with users, from the start.


You have seen the numbers, you know the smart ways to utilize. Got even a freckle of doubt left? Here are the answers you’ll need.

  • Be available for customers. Always!

When you say you’re always there with them, mean it. Even if it’s the weekend or a long holiday, station your chatbot to guide users with everything they need. Can’t find a help article? Redirect them correctly. Got a question, show them the FAQs. Some things, rest assured, the chatbot can take care when you’re away.

  • Extend excellent support & experience.

They say customer experience is the best form of marketing. Stats point out that people are ready to pay more if it guarantees them a better experience and support. Take the first step towards long-lasting client relationships using the simplest investment-chatbots.

  • Engagement is not just a mere word.

Many companies preach about user engagement. However, counted few actually implement it. Most companies lose customer-enthusiasm once the deal is won. For such companies, you can see one thing in common. High customer churn rates. It’s nurturing customers that’s the hardest. Deploy chatbots on your websites and in your app/product. Engage, always!

  • Get customer insights, smartly.

You know what happens when you approach customers for feedback with a
10pager survey form? Most of them keep it for ‘another time.’ We and you know that another time is ‘never’ politely wrapped up and spoken. To get hold of customer insights, switch to the smart way, the chatbot way. Startup by asking what they like the most, why did they choose you, how would you describe the product in a few words, and more. Most chatbot software follows a one-question-at-a-time approach, making it conversational! Make data-driven business decisions, and not instinct-prompted!

  • Multi-lingual superpower

Your customers aren’t restricted to a continent or timezone. The best chatbot software comes with a multi language feature that enables it to speak the language of the user. Reach out to a global audience and scale.