Why you must go digital during the Covid-19 pandemic

People all over the world are having to cope with a new way of life as COVID-19 spreads around the globe. Though traditional retailers were already losing favor with customers, stay-at-home orders have effectively crippled the industry.

Companies that have already started to pivot to a digital marketplace are better placed to succeed in this environment. However, having a working website and an ecommerce store is just half the fight. The ability to bring consumers to those product pages is just as critical.

Top reasons

The competition for traffic increases as more companies join the online marketplace. Smaller brands are up against Amazon and Flipkart when it comes to being sought by online shoppers. While many small businesses concentrate on organic marketing methods such as social media and traditional outreach, paid media is becoming increasingly important in the battle for customer attention online. This include social media ads and pay per click campaigns.

  1. The decline of traditional media

With the continuing cancellations of industry activities and offline outlets, the bulk of companies’ marketing strategies have gone out the window. Businesses are spending less time in front of their existing and future clients, which is having a significant impact. For the time being, offline platforms are almost impossible to use, but despite the fact that marketing budgets are tightening due to the Coronavirus pandemic, what is left is likely to go to digital.

2. People are spending more time online

Most people join Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites to communicate with others, but they also use it to read reviews, learn about new products, and observe how various brands interact with their followers. It’s more critical than ever for your company to be active on at least one network.

Screen time will continue to increase across the board as more people begin to work from home and stay at home on nights and weekends. This suggests that more people are using their mobile devices to access social media, search engines, and other digital mediums. Businesses now have a better chance of capturing consumers’ interest through several digital platforms.

Our recommendation for you when you go digital

  1. Define your Key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are measures that are used to determine a campaign’s effectiveness. Pageviews, click-through rates (CTR), and new subscribers are all examples of KPIs. It’s crucial to figure out which metrics are most critical to a campaign before you start planning because they’ll aid in the development of the strategy.

2. Create brand awareness

Although having a great product or service is important, you can easily lose sales to more developed rivals if you don’t have a strong brand. Consumers purchase from brands they trust, so establishing a positive reputation through awareness campaigns and testimonials will help. Instead of focusing on clicks and conversions, consider impression and views.

3. Build social media presence

Digital marketing includes establishing a strong social media presence. You don’t need to be on every site, but you should know which ones are best for your company. Determine where the target audience spends the most time online. Engage with people and related accounts in addition to sharing updates on a regular basis to help build a community (rather than just trying to rack up followers).

4. Monitor your Search traffic

Users are at home and online more than ever before, so now is the best time to analyze the search traffic. Since search traffic can fluctuate depending on the industry, it’s best to monitor your organic search results using Google Search Console or another SEO tool of your choice.

5. Create useful content

Nobody wants to be pitched or sold to, but most people use Google to find answers to their questions. Build a knowledge base, rather than a website that reads like a catalogue, where people can find the information they need. Maintain a daily newsletter or blog to share knowledge and build your brand as a trustworthy resource for your niche. If you write content that ranks well in search engine results, you’ll attract more visitors to your site, who would likely browse before making a purchase or contacting you. The more time a visitor spends on your platform, the more likely they are to make a purchase when they are ready.


As the online world has increased in importance, having a digital marketing plan for your company has become increasingly important. It’s never been a better time for your business to invest in digital marketing than now. We handle all at Digital Monastery Technologies: web design, social media, SEO, online marketing, and more!